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1.1. Limelight DJ & Entertainment Limited (NZBN 9429041817940): Limelight DJ & Entertainment Limited the registered business and any employees, staff, and sub-contractors. Also referred to in this document as ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘Limelight’

1.2. Client: The person, organization, company, or other body that is hiring DJ Services from Limelight. Also referred to in this document as ‘you’ and ‘your’

1.3. Event date: The time and date of the event, confirmed by Limelight

1.4. Day: A calendar day, unless specified otherwise.



A booking is not confirmed until one of the following takes place

2.1. A non-refundable deposit of NZD$200 is made and received as cleared funds in Limelight’s bank account which bank account details will be noted on the quote provided to the Client

2.2. If a date is fully booked and a client makes a deposit to secure the same date (before Limelight is advised of the client’s intention to make the deposit) Limelight reserves the right to refund the deposit and inform the client of our unavailability

2.3. An arrangement for regular DJ services has been set between Limelight and the client with details of the booking process outlined in the agreement.



3.1 The balance of the booking cost is payable at least 7 days before the client’s event unless otherwise arranged and agreed upon by Limelight

3.2. If the balance of the booking cost is not received at least 7 days before the event date (or on the date agreed upon by Limelight), the booking can be cancelled, and the client will forfeit the deposit and all funds made towards the booking

3.3. Any arrangement for regular DJ services with a client will outline details of payment

3.4. If the client requests use of Limelight’s services more than the time noted on the Booking form, this will be billed at $175 plus GST an hour (or part thereof). This will be billed to the client following the event with the expectation of payment within 7 days following the event. Agreement for the extension of services must first be agreed to by both Limelight & the venue. Limelight is also not obligated to stay beyond the booking agreement time and will assess each request to do so on a case-by-case basis

3.5. Payments can only be made by the following means

  • Cash (in person)

  • Online banking transfer (to the account information provided on each invoice)

  • Credit card/Debit card (in person or over the phone). Each credit card/debit card payment incurs a 4.75% surcharge on top of the booking cost for the facility and maintenance fee

  • Instalment payment plans set up by Limelight



The client shall ensure a safe and appropriate environment is provided for Limelight DJ & Entertainment Limited to operate its equipment and provide services

4.1. The client must ensure

  • a minimum setup space is mutually agreed upon of at least 4m x 3m

  • access to 240v power within 15m of Limelight’s main table

  • If it is an outdoor event, a sufficiently covered area is provided with adequate flooring protecting all Limelight equipment from all weather conditions

4.2. A reassessment of the event location may be required if Limelight deems it is unsafe to occupy. If a pre-start time relocation of equipment is required, it may incur an additional fee (starting from $100 + GST per hour). This will be billed to the client following the event and is payable within 7 days following the event

4.3. The client may be responsible for paying any charges or fines imposed by the venue in relation to providing our services. This may include fees required to access the venue or excess charges getting to the venue. These charges include, but are not limited to, parking, electricity, ferry fees, and tolls

4.4. It is the client’s responsibility to inform us if the venue has a sound limiter or any other sound-imposed enforcements. In all circumstances we will endeavour to keep the sound levels within the venues acceptable range

4.5. From the event finish time we will need up to one and a half hours to pack-out and vacate the premises. In other instances where pack-out is arranged for the day following the event (i.e., within 12 hours immediately following the DJ finish time), the Client remains completely responsible for all Limelight equipment. Any damage or theft of the equipment while kept on the premises overnight will result in the client being subject to costs outlined in section 6.0 Damage.



5.1. Requests for changes of the event date can be made via email, text, or phone

5.2. All cancellations will result in the client forfeiting the deposit. This is to cover potential bookings that we may have had to decline due to your booking, and administration fees

5.3. Limelight has discretion to cancel bookings at any time if the client becomes unreasonable to deal with or fails to co operate. If Limelight decides to cancel a booking, all payments made by the client excluding the deposit will be refunded to cover administration and consultation costs.



6.1 If your event date falls on a date in level 2 or above and your event venue location or Auckland is directly affected by pandemic alert level changes imposed by the New Zealand government, we will do one of the following

  • If your event is postponed, we will credit all funds made towards your booking to your new mutually agreed upon date. This may result in the originally assigned DJ being unavailable and one of our other DJs filling in for your event

  • If your event is cancelled, we will refund all funds credited towards your booking within 31 days following your initial event date

  • If your Auckland based DJ is unavailable, we will refund all funds credited towards your booking within 31 days following your initial event date.



7.1. To prevent damage to our equipment and us, Limelight reserves the right to deny service to any person

7.2. If circumstances arise where a threat or implied threat of harm, damage or violence is presented to Limelight or our equipment, Limelight reserves the right to cease providing services. If the client resolves the threatening situation within 15 minutes, Limelight may decide to resume services. If the situation is unresolved, Limelight will not resume providing services and the client will receive no refund of the booking cost or deposit. Our security and safety at your event are always your responsibility

7.3. Any damage to Limelight’s equipment during the client’s event will be the client’s responsibility and financial obligation to pay for full replacement (of the equivalent value at time of purchase). Replacement costs must be paid within 7 days following the incident. This includes, but is not limited to, damage caused by the client, client’s guests or any other person, pet or living-being in attendance at the event (whether invited or not). The client will also be responsible for all third-party financial recovery costs if replacement costs are unpaid
7.4 The client is also responsible for the Limelight staff vehicle used at the event. This includes during pack-in, the event, and pack-out.



8.1. The client gives Limelight permission for all photos and (videos) that are taken at the event to be used on Limelight’s website, social media, and other promotional material.

8.2. We will remove images if requested in writing (including email) & will comply with any request made by the client to prohibit the taking of photos and videos prior to the event.



9.1. Limelight will behave in a proper and professional manner during the engagement and will respond favourably to requests regarding volume, music, and any other reasonable requests made by the client.



10.1 All requests for future work opportunities raised by the client, guests, venue, and staff at or following the event shall be directed to Limelight management who will happily assist

10.2 All disputes shall also only be communicated with Limelight management



11.1. Limelight DJ & Entertainment Limited will not be held responsible for any circumstances outside their control. This includes, but is not limited to, fire, riot, civil commotion, accidents, acts of nature and equipment failure. If such circumstances arise, all reasonable efforts will be made by Limelight DJ & Entertainment Limited to continue service or find a suitable replacement of our service. If this is not possible, the client will receive a partial refund for the booking at our discretion depending on the circumstances.

11.2. The client agrees that in all circumstances, Limelight’s liability is limited to an amount equal to the booking cost and will not be liable for indirect or consequential damages.