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Music is our tool and unfrogettable moments is what we create through a combination of feel good music and Limelight DJ expertise.

We appreciate every event has unique music requirements. The nature of the event, schedule of events on event day, location, season, guest demographics, culture, and current affairs are some major factors that we consider when we prepare for your event.


Getting the music right takes the perfect combination of experience, skill and awareness. Trust in us to provide a feel good experience through carefully curated and executed DJ sets.



We are acutely aware of our responsibility as a service provider and always approach music preparation as a collaborative effort with you.

Your event is a reflection of you and with a combination of our expertise and knowledge of music to fill in the gaps and complement your requests, your event is bound to succeed.

We also appreciate that sometimes you'd like us to take charge and prepare music for your event on our own and that is absolutely welcomed. Afterall, we are your music specialists.

We accommodate

  • Event consultations to discuss the detailed music requirements for your event

  • Customised Spotify playlists for your event

  • Requests at your event

  • Online song request forms to help you get started

  • Requests from members via social media closed group pages (common for fitness/gym studios)



One of the best things about DJing is crowd control.

Each event has a unique crowd composition and energy that we can feel as professional DJs. This energy or vibe is manipulated by us through our music selection and execution of our set.

Our selection of music is heavily reliant on our consultations with you. Getting to know you and your event better is all part of the process that in turn helps guide our preparation and performance. Knowing both what you expect and don't expect to hear at the event is key.

Some of our most popular genres and eras that we accommodate

  • Pop

  • Top 40

  • Hip Hop and R&B

  • DnB

  • Soul/Classics

  • Island

  • Reggae

  • Dancehall

  • Disco

  • Funk

  • Bollywood

  • Rock

  • 70's, 80's, 90's and early 2000's hits

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