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Turipū/ Engage: To engage with all Tamariki who have a curiosity for event DJing and foster their learning in a unique and fun learning space

Whakaako/Educate: To educate Tamariki about this art form and where it's come from, the present and its future

Whakatewhatewha/Explore: To create an environment where Tamariki can explore the intricacies of DJing, its purposes and pathways

Whaiere/Express: To create a platform for Tamariki to express themselves through DJing

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An introductory program to Event DJing for Primary, Intermediate and High School Students


• We cover DJing history, teach the ability to count beats and measures, set up, connect, use basic functions of a DJ controller, speakers and DJ software, curate set lists, and transition seamlessly between 2 tracks

• It provides Tamariki with the opportunity to develop an appreciation for the craft and its history while gaining the tools needed to get started as a DJ (Disc-Jockey)

• The program also teaches song elements, how to develop a skill for reading the room and touches on the fundamentals of responsible marketing and finance

• DJIS will provide Tamariki with pathways to job experience and employment pathways

The program links to the NZ Curriculum

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DJ History

Music Structure


DJ Software


DJ Hardware


Beat Matching


Levels & EQ


How to set up a PA




Live Mixing Exercises

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DJ in Schools is an opportunity for learners to explore an area of the Arts through a new and exciting lens. The lesson plans have been carefully considered and is inclusive of many other areas of learning within the New Zealand Curriculum.


•Music Knowledge

•Professionalism and Business Skills

•Provides students with a valuable skill set that can be used as a contributing citizen of not only Aotearoa but the world

•Increased Confidence

•Positive collaboration skills

•Another form of self expression

•Critical and Creative Thinking

•Fundamental knowledge of advanced music software and equipment

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  • Currently offered over a minimum of 10 weeks (1 Term)

  • Delivered by 2 tutors who will visit on a single dedicated day of the week

  • Tutors need only 1 period (1 allocated block/class time of a minimum of 50 mins) to cover the scheduled topic for the week

  • Tutors will be available for as many classes is required for the day (each class can hold up to 22 students)

  • The Curriculum will include both theory and practical learning aspects

  • It will be held in a collaborative learning environment

  • All equipment will be provided by DJIS program

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  • Laptops and stands

  • DJ controllers

  • Headphones

  • PA System

  • Portable tables

  • Presentation equipment- Projector & Screen (as required)

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Lead Tutor/Content Manager: Trevor Palupe-Grant

•Proud husband and father of 4 girls

•Graduated from UOA with a conjoint Bachelors in Commerce and Arts

•Over 4 years mentoring High School students through University initiatives

•Over 20 years DJ experience as an event DJ and provided for over 3000 events

•Co-Director of Limelight DJ & Entertainment

•Loves spending time with family, supporting the Wahs, a round of golf and fishing

Tutor/Content Contributor: Shahlima Perese

•Proud mother and wife

•Graduate from UOA

•Over 10 years experience in mentoring High School students through University initiatives

•Over 8 years as a registered Early Childhood Teacher

•Over 10 years DJ experience as an event DJ and has provided for over 1000 events

•Owns an apparel label

•Enjoys family time and hitting the gym whenever she can

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Fees are between $15- $60 per week/per student over a minimum of 1 Term (10 weeks)

Generally speaking the more students who sign up for the program the cheaper it is per student

Fees can be raised through funding available to your school. We are willing to support you in the application process. A great funding tool to start with is Generosity NZ. Below is a link to their funding tool which generates funding available for your school.

Generosity NZ Funding Tool

How Generosity NZ works


Are you ready to offer your students a unique learning experience that is filled with undeniable benefits?

Book a meeting with Trev today at the link below.

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