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Music is now more than ever an integral part of the sports and fitness industry.

We pride ourselves on being the most recommended professional event DJ provider to specialise in the Sports & Fitness industry.

We recognize and appreciate the responsibility and privilege of providing the highest level of event DJ services at sports and fitness venues across NZ. We trust in our ability to exceed your expectations.


We provide professional services for the following;

National & International representative sport

Professional athlete and team training sessions

Sports & Fitness expos

Gyms & Fitness venues

Sports & Fitness store openings

Sports & Fitness apparel retail stores

Health & Well-being product launches



We work with over 30 F45 studios, 5 Body Fit Training studios and rā hauora across Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.

Group fitness on another level is what we create.

Whatever the workout, whether resistance, cardio or a hybrid one we know how to lift people through carfeully structured and executred sets

We accommodate

  • Grand openings

  • End of challenge events

  • Themed workout sessions (genre, era or season)

  • Member requests

  • Neon workout sessions

  • Open days

  • Studio birthdays



We are proud to be the official DJ for the Waikato and Bay of Plenty Magic ANZ Premiership netball team. 2022 will be our third consecutive year with Netball NZ.

We understand the attention to detail that is required to pull of a successful live televised event. Unlike any other event, there is no room for error. We know exactly how to balance the demands of crowd engagement while delivering a service that meets production values and guidelines.

We accommodate

  • Game day events

  • Curtain raisers

  • Premium DJ from door opening to exit of main televised event

  • Cue and playback of in-game stings

  • Half-time shows

  • Collaborative MC and mascot crowd engagement segments



We currently provide DJ services for the Beach Haven Fun Run and have provided fun uplifting tunes since 2019. Do you have an outdoor sports and fitness event we can help with?

When the music requirements need to cater for all ages, be family friendly yet still provide an engaging atmosphere, you can trust us.

We accommodate

  • Community sports and fitness events

  • Marathons

  • Obstacle courses

  • Televised events

  • Bootcamps

Do you have a Sports & Fitness Event coming up that we can help with?


Get in touch with Trev today to discuss your great idea at

We love new ideas!

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